Ridykeulous's riff on the Guerrilla Girls, “The Advantages of Being a Lesbian Woman Artist” (2007), from Daughter of Bad Girls at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery.

I found the candy attendants to be by far the most affecting components of Kara Walker’s Creative Time commission at the Domino Sugar Refinery, A Subtlety, Or the Marvelous Sugar Baby.

Jeff Koons's “Cat on a Clothesline (Aqua)” (1994-2001) from the Whitney Museum's retrospective (through October 19).

Elisa Carreno's “I am being human” (2013) was one of my favorites from Brooklyn Art Space's recent one-night show at Trestle Gallery.

Jeff Koons's “Popeye” (2014) in the courtyard of the Whitney Museum as part of his retrospective (through October 19).

Joyce Robbins's superb ceramic sculpture “Pink Bend” (2014) from her recent show at THEODORE:Art, Paint and Clay.